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1mb Website
Asynchronous JavaScript client for the API, that you can use to programatically get and update the source of 1mb sites.
/* Import OneMB.js */

 * Read the HTML source of a website
 * Format:, callback_function);
 */"libimports", function(response) {
	 * Log the site's HTML source to the console.
	 * If there was an error, this will equal false

 * Update the HTML source of a website
 * Format: onemb.update(site_name, site_key,
 *             code, callback_function);
	"<h1>Hello World</h1>",
	function(response) {
		 * Log the response to the console
		 * If successful, this will equal true.
		 * Otherwise, this value will display
		 * the error returned by the API.
This library is exclusively available only from LibraryManager

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